Nursery School In Greater Noida



Before starting the elementary education of a child in any school.

Along with his physical development, mental development is very important. Children must be provided with nursery education before getting admission to the school. Children learn a lot in a nursery and participate in new activities. If you are looking for a nursery for your child that can boost their mental development, then your search is over. We provide you with the facility of nursery admission. Here special care is taken of your child and they are provided with a home-like environment.

In our school Kidzee Beta we have included many activities in the nursery curriculum. Through these, children are linked to early education. Social and emotional development is essential for maintaining a strong foundation within children during the early preschool years. That's why in nursery education we teach children to recognize numbers and letters. Here children have a lot of fun but at the same time purposefully acquire new information. We claim that here your child learns differently and better than other children.

We also provide practical knowledge to nursery children with the help of science, drama, and art. Apart from this, children here also learn a lot with the help of graphic resources. Under this, mental development is seen in children. Children also get new information separately on the occasion of festivals. During this, they are introduced to different types of characters. With this, they learn to speak different types of dialogues and develop their personality.

Here children learn many methods of personality development, which makes them the fastest and most advanced. His creativity also flourishes in this. Here they do their favorite work. It is necessary for a young children to have such an environment where they meet new children and their social development takes place. In our school nursery, children get a child-friendly environment with other children, which they easily adapt to.

At Kidzee Beta, we also provide your child with the facility of camps, where they try to adapt themselves to the outdoor environment. In our school, age-appropriate activities are done for children according to their age, so that they can get ahead of other children. It also includes learning and funny activities. We aim to increase and encourage the curiosity level of children.

We always try to nurture the creative side of the children. For this, we hire trained and experienced staff. These professionals teach a lot to children with the help of a learning approach. We at Kidzee Beta also run a variety of learning series. In this life learning licenses of early life are taught. Apart from this, we increase their intelligence level through many moral activities and stories.

The special thing about our school is that here we keep the children away from electronic gadgets and save them from the side effects caused by them. We always try to teach them new things through extracurricular activities. You can be sure of keeping your child with us for an extended period. We provide a completely safe home environment for your child. Join us today for your child's bright future and allow them to participate in new activities to take your child forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum followed at Kidzee Beta?

Kidzee Beta follows the Zee Learn curriculum which is based on a holistic approach to education. The curriculum focuses on the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of children.

What is the admission process for Kidzee Play School?

Parents can visit the Kidzee Beta to obtain admission forms. They will have to fill out the form and submit it along with necessary documents such as birth certificate and passport size photographs.