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Kidzee Daycare

A home away from home for your child!

Everyone desires to have a good and comfortable life. To meet these desires, each one of us works as hard as we can to achieve our goals. But no life is untouched by challenges, and if you live in metro cities like Greater Noida, NCR region; everyday challenges become more when you are a nuclear family. Right from the need of both partners working to meet the ends, to take care of small kids if both the parents are working and without the support of the family, taking care of a child who is 1-4 years old. This support is crucial for the child’s development.

We at KIDZEE Beta Day Care Centre in Greater Noida, understand the need and the challenges of nuclear families. At its early stage of growing, the child is provided an environment to stimulate and support the inquisitive nature of the child. And if the environment is safe and secure, what every parent dreams of. We are the partner of any parent to support them to provide a home away from home Day Care at our KIDZEE centre.

Why Choose KIDZEE Beta 1, Day Care Centre in Greater Noida

Between the age of 1-4 years, the child needs the most emotional and individual attention, for all his everyday requirements. Their parents are his immediate natural caretakers or any other family member. But if you are a nuclear family, and if both the parents are working; then things become challenging for parents. The attention a child requires at this age is, help and support to learn to connect with the surrounding and others around him. Eating, toilet training at times, table etiquette, social interactions and being with peer groups.

We as a team of experts understand, how important all these developments are. If the support is not provided at the right time, this might hinder the other growths of the child. At the same time, we do understand the challenges faced by working parents.

We are here to offer you our service and an appropriate environment for your little one. Our space and team will provide you with:-

Trained Staff: Our team is well-versed trained and experienced in early childhood care. Each team member is well trained in early childcare, and in providing early childhood learning experiences, like wearing their shoes, and jackets, independent eating, toilet training and experience in creating some stimulative activities, for encouraging the child to learn to connect with surroundings.

Safe and Secure Environment: Every child’s safety is our responsibility. Our space is designed to keep all the safety and hygienic measures in mind. The toys and equipment we provide are child-friendly safe and hygienic, even if accidentally the child puts them in his mouth.

Cognitive Stimulations: Our expert caretaker, designs some activities for children to get exposure to the world of learning. Like, storytelling, art, colouring, dance and music. These activities prepare them for the future.

Meals and Snacks: At times children at this age are fussy eaters. But when they are with peers, they get encouraged to try out new things. Our caretaker also takes special care of each child and facilitates them to be independent eaters.

Rest Time: Sleep is a must for any child. This supports the healthy physical and emotional growth of the child. We at our KIDZEE day care centre, Greater Noida; take special care of the arrangements and time for the child to take rest.

Emotional Support: We know it is challenging for any child to be away from their parents for long hours at this age. Our team ensure to build a cordial relationship with each child, so he settles in our daycare centre without feeling lonely.

Parental Communication: We keep updating parents with all important photos and videos of their child's everyday activities. This also keeps them attached to their child.

As an overview, KIDZEE Beta 1 day care centre in Greater Noida, is a home away from home for any child between 1-4 years. If you are a working parent and have no other support for your child, consider us as a home for your child; that is equipped with all love and care by responsible and experienced individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the teaching methodology followed by Kidzee Beta?

Kidzee Beta follows a child-centric teaching methodology that focuses on the overall development of the child. We use play-based learning and activity-based teaching to keep the children engaged and interested in learning.

What are the benefits of sending a child to Kidzee Beta?

Kidzee Beta provides children with an environment where they can develop social skills, emotional intelligence, and language skills. It also helps them to develop cognitive skills, creativity, and imagination.

What is a daycare centre?

Day daycare centre is an institute that supports working parents by taking care of their infants or small kids when they are away from work.

What is the best age for daycare?

This depends on centre-to-centre and the parent's requirements. But ideally, it starts from 12 months and goes up to age 4. Some daycare centre even supports early education as well.

What are the benefits of daycare centres?

First and the most important role of any daycare is to provide safe and comfortable care, when parents are away for work. Daycare also helps in the emotional, social and physical development of the child, when his parents are unable to give due to their job challenges.