Kindergarten School In Greater Noida



Kindergarten is an early childhood education program.

Kindergarten is the first stage of the education journey in your child’s life. It is a stage where the learning is initiated and turns out to be a foundation for the future building blocks in a child’s learner journey. The kindergarten curriculum is the foundational stage of learning. Where children get prepared for the future formal education.

The kindergarten, system introduces routine and structural learning to a child’s life, to get ready for further learning. Selecting the right kindergarten for your kid is a tough task. Since kindergarten is for children falling in the age group of 4-6 years, at the same time let us not forget, we are dealing with early learners. So, the curriculum should be a complete blend of play way methods as well the conventional ways, that can support the holistic development of the child in all aspects; social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and mental development.

We at KIDZEE Beta Kindergarten understand this need of every early learner. Our curriculum is both academic and play-based, which acts as a backbone and stimulates the right learning in your child's educational journey. It is done through a playful and qualitative experience without putting a burden on your child.

Children are born with an instinct to learn and explore new things and their surroundings. They are curious and always inquisitive. This explains that it becomes necessary for us to provide them with an accurate and right kind of environment to explore and develop critical thinking.

At the age of kindergarten, little learners are ready to develop problem-solving and comprehension skills.

Our kindergarten curriculum has been designed after considering all above said things and facilitates cognitive development. Our motto is to create an environment and activities that stimulate cognitive learning keeping other domains in mind for any early learner. Our team of experts, who are well trained to handle and design the program for early learners. We as a team focus on the following areas to be developed for your child.

Why Choose Kidzee Kindergarten School In Greater Noida

Learn to Interact with Society: When children come to kindergarten, they are introduced to systematic learning, which also encourages and emphasizes people interaction. Our well-planned activities focus on that child gets an opportunity to interact with peers of all age groups, and adults around them and during the outdoor activities. Keep in mind the importance of social development, we create an environment of interaction through storytelling, sharing activities, and group games. They learn different etiquette and start conversing with others around them. The right kindergarten curriculum is significant for such a reason.

Physical Growth: This is the age when the child starts developing his gross and fine motor skills. The right kind of stimulation to strengthen the muscles and bones supports the excellent growth of all sorts of motor skills. We at KIDZEE Kindergarten understand these needs, our indoor and outdoor activities are designed to cater to this development. Free play, sand play, clay dough, wood toys, cycling, etc.

Emotional Growth: Emotional growth helps children to build effective relationships and express their own needs. At the early age of a child’s learning journey, if emotional growth is given equal importance, it helps in raising a healthy adult. We at KIDZEE support this idea and our team is well trained in understanding child psychology; and creating an environment for children to express their feelings and connect with other’s emotions too. Through storytelling, art, games, and music.

Cognitive Development: Kindergarten is a stepping stone in any child’s educational journey. At this stage, the child needs to be introduced to numerical skills, language, reading, and comprehension. Our team of experts has designed play-based activities to encourage and develop the curiosity in your child to learn. Kindergarten is not about play, it’s about play-based learning. This learning prepares them for future formal education.

Encourages Creativity and Curiosity: Our kindergarten curriculum stimulates the child’s curiosity to find answers and comprehend. We believe in giving more exposure, to encourage more exploration and connect with their learning. Our playway activities also encourage their creative side and allow them to explore their creative mind, through art, craft, and drama.

Parental Guidance: Our team of experts works with the parents and facilitates them to help their child learn and explore effectively. To be ready for the future structural education. We provide time-to-time one-on-one support if the need arises and also conduct parental workshops for parents to understand the needs of their child’s learning and emotional journey and develop a cordial relationship with their child.

Our team of facilitators at KIDZEE Beta 1 Kindergarten School in Greater Noida, understand the need to set a foundation for any child to step into the world of learning and formal education for their bright future. We provide our expert support and handhold your child and you to take to the starting point of his educational journey. Our well-designed curriculum supports the cognitive and comprehension development of your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why kindergarten is essential for my child?

Kindergarten helps to develop their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills, encouraging them to be curious, creative, and confident learners.

What is the important role of kindergarten in the life of my child?

Kindergarten plays an important role in preparing children for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and helps them to become happy, healthy, and successful individuals.

What is called a kindergarten school?

Kindergarten is an institute, which provides the formal education required at the early stage of any child, age group of 4-6 years. They help with the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and mental development of the child.

Is kindergarten a class?

Kindergarten starts from the age of 4 years and goes up to 6 years. This is the first step that prepares the child for the formal and structured education of class 1 and further.