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Play School

At present, parents are very active with their children.

Children by nature are curious, observant, and inquisitive learners. They learn by observing, connecting, and exploring their surroundings and the people around them. Children are natural learners, always curious to explore their world. If you see any small child, who is always wanting to touch and hold something in their hands, no matter whatever it is. This is the biggest example, of how they learn through their sensory motions, by touch, seeing, hearing, tasting, and feeling.

The right kind of environment and tools are provided so children can thrive in their early development. Development in areas like, social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and mental. At the early stages of life for children, these developments are important milestones; a stepping stone towards the bigger goals to achieve in life. But at times, parents are not able to provide the right kind of environment due to their busy schedules and the challenges they face at work.

In this fast-paced life especially if you are living in a Greater Noida, NCR region. Life here is filled with many challenges, you want to do the best for your child. When he is ready to step on his learning journey. Every parent needs a handholding to take care of the development and learning of their child.

We at KIDZEE Beta 1 Playschool in Greater Noida, understand your need as parents. Our play school environment provides all that is essential for your child’s early-age healthy growth in all aspects, mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Our motto is to create an environment and activities that stimulate sensory learning for any early learner. Our team of experts, who are well trained to handle and design the program for early learners. We as a team focus on the following areas to be developed for your child.

Why Choose Kidzee Play School In Greater Noida

Social Development: Activities at KIDZEE Beta 1 Play School, are designed keeping in mind that children get an opportunity to communicate with a varied range of people including their peers and different age groups. This helps them to connect with people and inculcate the habits of sharing, caring, how to be part of a group, and expressing their needs.

Cognitive Development: Every child is a born thinker; they all need some stimulation. Our team of experts works on designing the program, which creates stimulation for your little thinkers, for problem-solving, and connecting with their surroundings. This happens through, storytelling, interactive sessions of sharing & talking, music, educational games, and movement games.

Emotional Development: An emotionally healthy child always shows equal growth in his other vital developments, social, physical, and mental. Excellent emotional growth makes a child confident about himself and expressive about his needs. We at KIDZEE Beta 1 understand this and develop a close relationship with each child. This helps them to connect and express their feeling and needs when required.

Physical Development: A healthy body helps in the growth of a healthy mind. As the other milestone our important, physical growth is equally important, especially for fine and gross motor skills. We provide well-planned and secured outdoor activities and games, that help your children to experience free play as well as structured games with their peers. These games help the child to gain strength in their muscles and develop strong bones. All this is done under the guidance of trainer facilitators.

Parental support: We understand the needs of the modern world and the challenges parents face while raising their children. Our team of expert facilitators with their years of experience, provide time-to-time guidance and conduct parental workshops to help parents to build a better understanding of the needs of their children and healthy emotional connections.

Overall playschool is that partner in the early stage of your child to be an independent learner in everyday activities. That helps him to grow emotionally and socially healthy adult who is a thinker of tomorrow. KIDZEE Beta 1 Playschool in Greater Noida, lay that stepping stone and helps your little learner to head start on his educational journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a play school do?

Playschool is an institute, which partners with parents to help them with early learning for their children. In terms of being independent in all the everyday activities, physical growth, socialization, emotional growth, and cognitive growth.

What is the play school age?

Play schools typically admit children between the ages of 2.5 to 4 years. By this age, many children have developed basic motor skills, can communicate to some extent, and are ready to engage in structured activities.

What is the difference between school and play school?

Playschool is for children in the age group of 2.5 to 4 years. At this age, kids are not yet ready to go to school. School is the place for structured-based education whereas play school is completely play-based learning.

Is playschool good for kids?

Yes, playschool is the stepping stone to formal education. The play-based learning helps the child, to develop emotionally, mentally, and socially. The playschool prepares them for the formal educational journey.

Is preschool and playgroup the same?

There is no difference between playschools and preschools. A play school or a preschool is a place where around 10-24 children spend 2 ½ to 3 ½ each day under the supervision of facilitators.