Nursery School In Greater Noida



Before starting the elementary education of a child in any school.

Children are born with all the faculties, to learn by observing, doing, expressing, and exploring. Their natural eagerness to connect with their surrounding makes them learn and grow. And to support this natural inbuilt quality if the right kind of environment and support is provided, they will flourish with all flying colours.

Every parent wants to provide the best facilities to their child, especially when it comes to education. But in this fast-paced life, is filled with many challenges, and added to that if you live in metro cities like Greater Noida, NCR region, the challenges are more. No parent would want to compromise on the first step of the child's educational journey.

We at KIDZEE Beta 1 Nursery School in Greater Noida, understand the parent’s needs and handhold with them to provide what is required for laying the foundation for the educational journey for any child. Our Nursery school environment provides all that is essential for your child’s early-age healthy growth in all aspects, mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.

Our motto is to create an environment and activities to stimulate cognitive learning for any early learner. Our team of experts has years of experience in handling and designing programs for early learners. Our team, focus on the following areas to be developed for your child.

Why Choose Kidzee Nursery School In Greater Noida

Preparation for formal structure: Nursery is a stepping stone for any child to prepare them for formal kind of learning, follow instructions, and create wonders in the educational world. We at KIDZEE Beta 1, Nursery School in Greater Noida, provide that head start to your children to get ready for the first step in their educational journey. Our activities are designed to help the child start recognizing the numbers, alphabet, shapes, and names of colors, connect with surroundings, and learn through music and art.

Social Development: Socialization is the need of any human being. This helps us grow into a healthy being, and for any child, the appropriate environment is provided to socialize with people around him. This helps support the healthy social growth of any child. We at KIDZEE Beta 1, create that environment for your child to interact with others, to learn to communicate, share, work with others, and take turns.

Language Development: At an early age child rapidly acquire different languages and an ample amount of vocabulary gets added to their language bank. If they are surrounded by people who are expressive and well-versed in the knowledge of good language children get a lot of benefits. We as a team use creative methods where the children get exposed to different kinds of vocabulary, through stories, drama, and games.

Cognitive development: At this age, children start to develop all skills of thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving very naturally. They need the right kind of stimulation and our team of experts understands this need and has designed the programs based on the cognitive needs of any child.

Physical Development: For holistic development, physical development is equally important. This is that stage of the child, where they develop their gross and fine motor skills. Our well-designed indoor and outdoor activities, focus on all the scientific needs for the physical growth of your child. Sand play. Free play, clay dough activities, outdoor games, and many more to support physical development.

Emotional Development: An emotionally healthy child always grows into a confident adult. We at KIDZEE Beta 1, understand this and give more time to develop a cordial relationship with children. This helps them to connect with their SELF and express their feeling and needs when required. Our experts’ facilitators, make this happen through their well-designed activities, that encourage the little learners to express and connect with others as well as to their Self.

Parental Guidance: Raising a child in the present world, where we are surrounded by many challenges; in terms of technologies, competition, and pressures; is not easy. Even if we don’t choose to be part of that we can’t remain untouched by all this completely. Our team of expert facilitators with their years of experience, provide time-to-time guidance and conduct parental workshops to help parents to deal with these challenges, and build a better understanding of the needs of their children and healthy emotional connections.

KIDZEE Nursery School partners with you to support you in the early stages of your child to be an independent learner for his future journey in life. That helps him to grow emotionally and socially healthy adult who is a thinker of tomorrow. KIDZEE Beta 1 Nursery School in Greater Noida, lay that stepping stone and helps your little learner to head start on his educational journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to start nursery school?

3 to 4 years old, is a good age to start Nursery School for any child. This is a period when children explore their environment, develop social skills, and benefit from structured learning experiences.

Is it OK to skip nursery?

Attending nursery school will widen your child’s early development when they meet more people and interact. This will support their emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth.

What happens in a nursery school?

Nursery school provides routine and small structure to the child’s day. They start connecting with their surroundings when step out of the house. This happens through play-based learning and indoor and outdoor activities.

Is a nursery good for children?

Nursery Structure provides a variety of stimulation to your child for healthy mental development. They get engaged in activities for their gross and fine motor skills, language development, social skills, and physical growth.

What is the admission process for Kidzee Play School?

Parents can visit the Kidzee Beta to obtain admission forms. They will have to fill out the form and submit it along with necessary documents such as birth certificate and passport size photographs.